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In Search of the Perfect Bag

I am in a seemingly never ending search for the perfect bag. At the farmer’s market, the renaissance faire, REI, I gravitate to those vendors or to those sections of the store that sell bags. But I have since realized that there is no perfect bag. It isn’t that perfect bags don’t exist. Rather, it … Continue reading »

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From Cheese Sandwiches to 52 Pints of Pickles


This post first appeared on goshencommons.org on Feb. 2, 2013 As a teenager, I had decided that I was never going to do traditional household work such as cooking. I was going to be a professional woman and live solely on cheese sandwiches and ice cream. Though Pete still does most of the cooking in our … Continue reading »

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I wanted a house so that I could have a washer and dryer

When we bought our first house, I used to quip that I wanted a house so that I could have my own washer and dryer. When we bought our second house, one big selling feature was this … … a clothes line in the backyard. I was elated. Not only that, there were clothes lines … Continue reading »

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Triathlon 2011

Today was a glorious day following a cool night. It was a perfect day to do my second annual self designed triathlon. This is not a timed event. I just do it for the fun of it. Staging Area: Home. Warm Up: Walk to Millrace Trail (0.8 mile) Stage 1: The run (more accurately – … Continue reading »

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Diversity, Monoculture, and Greediness

I was looking at some of my past gardening photos and I ran across these pictures from the 2009 garden. You can also tell from the 2009 garden layout that I had planted a lot of different things. The rows were short, but there were many rows. What struck me about these photographs, was the … Continue reading »

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The Pantry

This is our wonderful pantry – Fall 2010. Pickles from 2009 are on the top three shelves on the left. Middle top has cherries from 2010 and blueberry jam from 2009. Going down a shelf are more 2009 pickles, 2008 chutney, 2009 kale, 2009 Victoria sauce, and 2010 hot peppers and 2010 tomatillo salsa. Going … Continue reading »

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Process versus Product

In my crafting, am I a product crafter or a process crafter? Is my main focus the final creation or is my main focus the act of creation? I was thinking about this a couple of days ago, especially as it relates to my Ravelry activity in the Ravelry Group HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting and … Continue reading »

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Apologizing to the worms

I apologize to the worms. That is, perhaps, a bizarre thing to do, but I still do it. For Lent  in 2009, I gave up eating meat. I had considered doing this for quite some time. I never really liked cooking meat just because I didn’t like handling it. But I still ate meat, even … Continue reading »

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