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It’s a lonely road but …

Today I posted memories of Macallan, a member of our family for 16 years. Yes, he was a feline member of our family, but no less a member because of his species. I’ve always loved animals. My mother tells me that I would run after dogs because I wanted to hug them. There are numerous … Continue reading »

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Tribute to Macallan

“If you want a lap cat and a purr machine, then get an orange male cat.” That was what a vet friend said to us when we were considering getting a second cat to keep Camille company. Later that summer, Macallan was found, a little kitten in the middle of a road, rescued and put … Continue reading »

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Working in the rain

It rained three times so far this week. This morning a gentle rain was falling; a rain that reminded me of days in Seattle; a rain that would not stop any true northwesterner from being outside; a rain that never stopped me from working in the yard and garden. So outside I went. I’m expecting … Continue reading »

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It may be hot and it may be dry, but the tomatoes are loving it. Yes – I have been watering the garden – not a lot – but every two to three days I either run the sprinkler a bit or go around with a bucket to water individual plants and rows. Temperatures have … Continue reading »

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The Color and the Brown

Bushes are brown, but flowers still appear, giving color and hope in this dry summer. And it rained this morning (oh happy day!).

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You know it’s hot when …

… you see Monorail Squirrel

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Flowers in the Dry Summer of 2012

In spite of all the brown surrounding us this summer (brown grass, brown leaves on trees) there is still a bit of color.

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Trees in the Dry Summer of 2012

I must admit that I have not been a good tree keeper this summer. It has been hot. It has been dry. And I don’t usually water. A lot of times, that does not matter because many plants are pretty resilient. But sometimes I should be more vigilant. We’ve lost trees to hot and dry … Continue reading »

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My poor Macallan. In his old age, with wobbly legs, he braves the wide outdoors. For years we could not coax him to go outside. But now, that’s where he wants to be. He takes two or three steps, then rests, then shakily gets up to take a few more steps. The simple pleasures for … Continue reading »

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Garden in the Dry Summer of 2012

This year’s garden (showing what I planted and where I planted what I planted). What this does not show is what is actually in the garden. I used the seed I had, some of which was pretty old. By the time I did my planting, it was already pretty hot and pretty late. So not … Continue reading »

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