No Knead Bread Recipe

3 cups bread flour (This could be a mix of different types of flour or grains. I have used red and white wheat flour from Bonneyville Mill, white bread flour, some rye flour along with wheat flour, two cups of wheat flour and one cup oatmeal.)
1 packet yeast
1 tablespoon sugar or honey
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 c water for proofing the yeast
1 c water
flour for dusting

small and large bowls
cast iron 5-6 quart pot with lid
wood cutting board
parchment paper

1. In a large bowl combine flour and salt.

2. Proof the yeast: In a small bowl or cup dissolve the sugar or honey in 1/2 c water. Add the packet of yeast and stir. Wait for the yeast to blossom. Then add to the flour and salt mixture.

3. Add 1 c water to the mixture. Stir until blended; dough will be shaggy and sticky.

4. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let dough rest 12 hours at room temperature. Dough is ready when its surface is dotted with bubbles.

4. At least a half-hour before you want to bake the bread, turn on the oven to 450 degrees F. Put a 6 quart heavy covered pot (cast iron) in oven as it heats. The pot must be hot.

5. Meanwhile, lightly flour a work surface and place dough on it; sprinkle it with a little more flour and fold it over on itself once or twice. Form it in a ball and put the ball of dough on parchment paper. Let it rest for about 15 minutes.

6. When you are ready to bake the bread, remove the pot from oven. Lift up the parchment paper with the dough ball on it and place the whole thing, parchment paper and all, in the hot pot. Cover with the lid and bake 30 minutes, then remove lid and bake another 15 minutes, until loaf is beautifully browned.

7. Cool on a rack.

Yield: One round loaf

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