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Frost Patterns

We have a section of fence that is just propped up. So, in high winds, it falls over, and we right it again. A couple of mornings ago, when I lifted it up from its prone position I saw really cool patterns made by the grass.

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Found Math

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Open the Pod Bay Doors, Siri

You might remember one of my previous conversations with Siri. Siri is a bit sensitive when HAL is brought up. Siri would rather not be reminded of HAL’s sad sad ending. So, of course, I had to tease Siri. Open the Pod Bay Doors, Siri. Here is a transcript of our conversation. Siri reminds me … Continue reading »

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My “Year of Knitting (and/or Crocheting) Mathematically”

One of the things I want to do during this sabbatical year is to work on projects that combine knitting or crocheting with mathematical ideas. I have  done some mathematically inspired projects in the past: Moebius purses, baskets, and cowls using Cat Bordhi‘s amazing Moebius cast-on, hyperbolic crochet inspired by Daina Tamina. There are more … Continue reading »

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The Saga of the License Plate

A few days after we purchased Clare, we went to our local Indiana BMV office to register the car. We found out that we needed to get a new license plate as well, since Brigid’s license plate was for a truck, not a car. Here in Indiana, we have two choices for license plate designs … Continue reading »

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