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Any Basket Will Do

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The Garden – Spring 2012 Update

This was the year that I decided not to do much in the garden. Well, I couldn’t really resist. First of all, by April, we still hadn’t eaten all the potatoes from last year, so those needed to go into the ground, two long rows worth of potatoes. Add to that the row of potatoes … Continue reading »

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Pay attention to Me!


Gretel: Why are you looking at that cold metal thing when you have such an adorably cute furry warm cat on your lap?

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On dreams, aspirations, and bucket lists

I had never heard of bucket lists before a couple of years ago. I guess a movie came out with that name (I haven’t seen it). At the time, I was asked if I had a bucket list. I thought about it for a little while, but then said “no”. That surprised some people because … Continue reading »

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Hotel Frontenac Sheep

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The city of stairs


People were actually running up and down these stairs that lead down to the waterfront from the Plains of Abraham. No wonder we’re not seeing overweight Québécois.

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