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A Tangle of Yarn

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Patience and Perseverance

Last week, I bought a skein of wonderful, soft, shiny, dyed tencel yarn. It was a spontaneous purchase. The local yarn shop owner offered to wind the skein into a ball using the shop ballwinder. I agreed. That was the first mistake. Such slippery yarn should never be balled using a ball winder. While winding … Continue reading »

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My “Year of Knitting (and/or Crocheting) Mathematically”

One of the things I want to do during this sabbatical year is to work on projects that combine knitting or crocheting with mathematical ideas. I have  done some mathematically inspired projects in the past: Moebius purses, baskets, and cowls using Cat Bordhi‘s amazing Moebius cast-on, hyperbolic crochet inspired by Daina Tamina. There are more … Continue reading »

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New Zealand Bookmark

It’s fun getting to know people from around the world through Ravelry. I participated in a bookmark exchange and got a very lovely bookmark from Mopsyroebuck.

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A first time for everything

My first laceweight shawl. I managed to knit this without once ripping back and getting confused. The first time I ever blocked anything of significance. The transformation is amazing. Now I want to knit more of these!

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Sometimes I try to fool myself

There are times when I am delusional about what I’m knitting. I start making something and it isn’t turning out quite like I expected and wanted and yet I keep going. That happened with the BIG sweater that I made for Pete. I should have known, while I was knitting it, that it was way … Continue reading »

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Process versus Product

In my crafting, am I a product crafter or a process crafter? Is my main focus the final creation or is my main focus the act of creation? I was thinking about this a couple of days ago, especially as it relates to my Ravelry activity in the Ravelry Group HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting and … Continue reading »

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