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And so it begins…today’s harvest

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Citrus! Indoors!

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The Florida Weave: A Dance with Tomatoes and Twine

When I first started growing tomatoes, I bought those little conical tomato cages. Right from the start I began having problems with them. My tomatoes grew and grew and spilled over the tops of their cages, toppling them over. So back to the hardware store I went to get taller and sturdier tomato cages. But, … Continue reading »

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Hops in Training

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List after List: The January Ritual of Deciding What Seeds to Order

Seed Catalogs 2015

It’s January, and that means that I am starting to get new seed catalogs. There isn’t much to do outside in the garden this time of the year, which makes it a perfect time to start planning what I want to plant in the spring. I do most of my ordering online, but I do … Continue reading »

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The Aesthetics of Seed Catalogs


This post originally was published on Goshen Commons on February 9, 2013.   Seed catalogs are arriving in my mailbox almost daily now. Some go directly into the recycling. Some go into the basket of magazines and catalogs near the door for perusal at a later time. Some come into the house with me for … Continue reading »

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Nuts for Research

The Arbor Day Foundation Hazelnut Project collaborates with members to develop sustainable strains of hybrid hazelnut plants. Continue reading »

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Planting Tomatoes 101


March 20 was the vernal equinox, so it is officially spring. More and more days are certainly feeling like spring. With the onset of spring comes the promise of growing gardens, and thoughts of seed starting are in my mind. We have been starting seeds at Clay Bottom Farm for a few weeks now. Lest … Continue reading »

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Micro greens in the winter greenhouse.

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The New, the Interesting and the Unusual (Vegetables, That Is)


This post first appeared on goshencommons.org on February 9, 2013. I have culled my seed catalog collection. Now begins the process of carefully going through each one and making my first-round choices of seeds to buy for the spring. I will then make a list and realize that there is no way that everything will be able to fit … Continue reading »

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