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From Cheese Sandwiches to 52 Pints of Pickles


This post first appeared on goshencommons.org on Feb. 2, 2013 As a teenager, I had decided that I was never going to do traditional household work such as cooking. I was going to be a professional woman and live solely on cheese sandwiches and ice cream. Though Pete still does most of the cooking in our … Continue reading »

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What is that in your garden?

By far the most awesome looking plant in the garden is the cardoon. Standing tall and full, and dwarfing all the other plants, it makes a pretty impressive sight. It is the plant that catches the most attention and gets the most questions. So what is cardoon? Apparently, cardoon is not grown much in this … Continue reading »

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Apologizing to the worms

I apologize to the worms. That is, perhaps, a bizarre thing to do, but I still do it. For Lent  in 2009, I gave up eating meat. I had considered doing this for quite some time. I never really liked cooking meat just because I didn’t like handling it. But I still ate meat, even … Continue reading »

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