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Garden in the Dry Summer of 2012

This year’s garden (showing what I planted and where I planted what I planted). What this does not show is what is actually in the garden. I used the seed I had, some of which was pretty old. By the time I did my planting, it was already pretty hot and pretty late. So not … Continue reading »

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The Garden – Spring 2012 Update

This was the year that I decided not to do much in the garden. Well, I couldn’t really resist. First of all, by April, we still hadn’t eaten all the potatoes from last year, so those needed to go into the ground, two long rows worth of potatoes. Add to that the row of potatoes … Continue reading »

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Camel on the Shipshewana Trail


Who knew that there would be a camel farm on the Pumpkinvine from Middlebury to Shipshwana?

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Wary Cat along the Millrace

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Geese in the Millrace

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Snapping Turtle on the Pumpkinvine

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Morning Frost

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Frost Patterns

We have a section of fence that is just propped up. So, in high winds, it falls over, and we right it again. A couple of mornings ago, when I lifted it up from its prone position I saw really cool patterns made by the grass.

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Found Math

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Triathlon 2011

Today was a glorious day following a cool night. It was a perfect day to do my second annual self designed triathlon. This is not a timed event. I just do it for the fun of it. Staging Area: Home. Warm Up: Walk to Millrace Trail (0.8 mile) Stage 1: The run (more accurately – … Continue reading »

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