D’Ni Tame Cat


Today, January 7, is the anniversary of the date D’Ni Wild Cat became a house cat. The year was 2001. We were out in our back yard when we spotted her – a little black furry thing hiding under the asparagus. At first we thought soft furry Duncan had gotten out – but this cat … Continue reading »

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Planting Tomatoes 101


March 20 was the vernal equinox, so it is officially spring. More and more days are certainly feeling like spring. With the onset of spring comes the promise of growing gardens, and thoughts of seed starting are in my mind. We have been starting seeds at Clay Bottom Farm for a few weeks now. Lest … Continue reading »

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We can’t keep them safe

Today one of the deaf lady’s strays got hit by a vehicle right outside our driveway. I went over to her house to let her know and she followed me. When she saw the kitty, lying still on the road, she cried out, gently scooped it up, and carried it home. How does she bear … Continue reading »

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It’s a lonely road but …

Today I posted memories of Macallan, a member of our family for 16 years. Yes, he was a feline member of our family, but no less a member because of his species. I’ve always loved animals. My mother tells me that I would run after dogs because I wanted to hug them. There are numerous … Continue reading »

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Tribute to Macallan

“If you want a lap cat and a purr machine, then get an orange male cat.” That was what a vet friend said to us when we were considering getting a second cat to keep Camille company. Later that summer, Macallan was found, a little kitten in the middle of a road, rescued and put … Continue reading »

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Camille: A Good Cat

Camille died on April 30, 2010. That was a hard day. She had been ailing for about three years. In her last week of life she barely moved from her sleeping spot, had stopped eating, and wasn’t drinking very much. Even though putting her down seemed like a merciful thing to do, it was still … Continue reading »

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