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The Jumble That Is My Garden

A new gardening year will start tomorrow. Our Huning Highlands Community Garden is having its spring work day. Today the chickens will be shooed out of the garden. All winter long they have been digging in the dirt in search of whatever it is chickens search for in the dirt.. Tomorrow we will rake all … Continue reading »

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Citrus! Indoors!

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A Different Kind of Urban Homesteader

When I first moved to Albuquerque, I had a bit of an identity crisis. For so long I had embraced the persona of an urban homesteader. My garden got bigger and bigger and my pantry room shelves were full of jars of canned goods from the garden. But now I found myself really living in a city, … Continue reading »

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A Showcase Plant With a ‘Very Sexy Flavor’

I’m dreaming of having cardoons again – I’m not sure how they will be appreciated in the community garden, but I’ve started some plants from seed and plan on planting them this spring. ————————————————————– First published on November 10, 2012 “What is that growing in your garden?” I hear that a lot from people who see my … Continue reading »

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Loving the ‘City’ in ‘City Homesteading’

Goshen Indiana is a small midwestern city – a town really compared to the cities I lived in before. But it was my “city” for quite a number of years. Now I find myself living in much more of a city with a much larger population, though, by many standards, Albuquerque is still considered a small city. … Continue reading »

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