The Pantry

Posted by on October 12, 2010

The Pantry - Fall 2010

This is our wonderful pantry – Fall 2010. Pickles from 2009 are on the top three shelves on the left. Middle top has cherries from 2010 and blueberry jam from 2009. Going down a shelf are more 2009 pickles, 2008 chutney, 2009 kale, 2009 Victoria sauce, and 2010 hot peppers and 2010 tomatillo salsa. Going down another shelf is the 2010 pear sauce. The rest of the middle is filled with tomatoes or tomato sauce. On the right are the various and sundry habanero hot sauces, habanero hot salsa’s, and more tomatoes.

Not shown is the little freezer, packed with blueberries, strawberries, edamame beans, green beans, rhubarb, kale, pesto, and some 2009 butternut squash.

Also not shown are the jars of 2009 grape juice, still waiting to be made into wine.

Altogether a very successful gardening experience!

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