Garden in the Dry Summer of 2012

Posted by on July 6, 2012

This year’s garden (showing what I planted and where I planted what I planted).

What this does not show is what is actually in the garden. I used the seed I had, some of which was pretty old. By the time I did my planting, it was already pretty hot and pretty late. So not everything germinated. Some beets did germinate, but none of the cabbage. None of the peppers came up. A few edamame did come up and I have a full row of green beans, which our local resident rabbit is finding very tasty. Last year, the rabbit (maybe even this very rabbit) ate the leaves of every single bean plant that sprouted. I’m hoping that it diversifies its diet this year.

The radishes, which should have been planted during the coolness of spring, are, nonetheless, making a valiant attempt at growing. A few winter squash look like they are going to make it. There is a volunteer plant which I am not sure of, so I’m letting it be, and I will someday discover what it wants to become.

The tomatoes were planted from plants and are doing well, in spite of the heat, or maybe because of it.

As you can see, we are in the midst of a drought. The grass is brown and crunchy. The soil is dry and hard. But I have a natural tiller going through my lawn and garden, rooting through the dry earth and popping out every so often to check its handiwork.

The potatoes either are drying out from the heat or they are getting done (I’m a little afraid to check at this point.) The kale, which looked a bit pathetic after being neglected during all our trips in June, looks like it will recover nicely.

But it has been hot here. Very hot. And very dry. Temperatures this week were up past 100 in the shade. The cardoon does not really like the hot weather and the plant itself looks quite withered. But its flowers are gorgeous.

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