The Ever Expanding Vegetable Garden

Posted by on June 15, 2011

In spring of 2009, we planted in our garden beds, prepared the no-till way described in a previous post. We laid out an 17 ft by 37 ft garden plot in the fall of 2007, kept it mulched with a thick layer of leaves, and it was ready to plant. I purchased seed, pored over John Seymour’s book, “The Guide to Self-Sufficiency“, and planned. Finally I decided on a layout and planted. By the end of the growing season, I decided that I really wanted a bigger garden. That fall, we re-fenced the garden, expanding it to about 27 ft by 37 ft. The 2010 layout was a bit different. I ended up not doing the crop rotation as I had planned. In 2011, we kept the vegetable garden layout the same, but with vegetables planted in different locations. The diagrams below show this evolution.

Garden Layouts: Click on the Image to Enlarge

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