Growing tomatoes

Posted by on May 12, 2012

I should just give up.

For years I try to grow tomatoes from seed with varying degrees of success. In recent years, I have had more failures than successes.

But this was the year it was all going to turn around. I started my seeds in February, earlier than ever, so they would have plenty of time to grow nice thick stalks. I now have an interior south facing window upstairs in the new dormer, so the baby plants could be in a warmer room than the enclosed, though uninsulated, front porch. I didn’t put up the grow lights because I thought the sunlight would suffice.

It is now the middle of May and this is what I have.


It is pathetic. In addition, those stalks are so fragile that I lost 4 plants due to the stalks just breaking.

Compare these sorry specimens to today’s purchases at the Farmer’s Market, from three different vendors.


Now, a side by side comparison.


I don’t know why I bother trying to grow tomatoes from seed, but every year, without fail, I attempt it again. Others do it. Why can’t I? Hopefully I’ll have better luck next year.

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