Goodbye Kiddieland

Posted by on June 29, 2010

Ah Kiddieland …

Photo credit: pixeljones on Flickr

I have such fond memories of you. You were just a couple of miles away from my home and you had such colorful rides. It was at Kiddieland that I experienced my first amusement center rides: the Carousel, the little Ferris Wheel, the Autos, and the Elephants (!), the Bumper Cars. There was a tiny baby rollercoaster and the bigger rollercoaster called the Little Dipper.

Photo Credit: stormdog42 on Flickr

I wondered what had happened when, a couple of weeks ago, we drove past on our way from Gene & Jude’s Hot Dogs and saw that you were abandoned.

Kiddieland Map

And now I know. I heard it on NPR.

For 81 years, Kiddieland was a fixture in Melrose Park. Yesterday it was demolished. It will now be replaced by a Costco. A sad end for a colorful and wonderful tiny little amusement park. I found some photos for reminiscing.

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