Mother’s Day Bottling Party

Posted by on May 14, 2012


20120513-223439.jpgOn May 13, we invited friends over for a bottling party. This is a wine, made from a mix of the 2010 and 2011 harvest. We are learning more about making wine. We used pectic enzyme to eliminate pectic haze. We added tannin to try to get that pucker. It still is a fairly sweet wine (we’re working on proportions) but it turned out well.

With friends helping, we had a little assembly line going with 5 people doing 5 tasks.

  • one person to fill the bottles
  • one person to hand empty bottles to the filler and hand full bottles to the corking operation
  • one person to put the full bottle in the floor corker
  • one person to put corks in the corker
  • one person to work the corking lever
After corking, we sampled. Since the wine was bottled on Mother’s Day, we named it Mamasha Red (it is a red wine).
The last step was capping and labeling and storing in our clever card catalog wine cellar.



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